Thursday, December 27, 2012


Regarding about the secret mission I did at Shangrila Plaza is here now. I'm in the mood to blog and now I will spill the beans to you my lovely girls.

Last December 10, My Fashion Stylist Idol Ms.Liz Uy hosted a game on twitter, the #12LizPicksforChristmas. When I checked my twitter, I don’t know about the game yet, and then I just saw a tweet from Plains and Prints saying just RT Liz Uy pick of the day and we might win an amazing prize from them.Then after that, I waited for Liz Uy's pick of the day tweet and RT it,at the end of the day, which was actually the 2nd day of the game, I checked my mentions and saw the tweet from Plains and Prints saying I was the 2nd day winner of #12LizPicksofChristmas, I was really shocked because it was just that day also that I knew about the game and right away, I win. Woah! :D happy me!

see that tweet from plains and prints? yay! it really made me happy that day! :)

Then just yesterday, I together with my sister and brother went to Plains and Prints Shangri-La Plaza shaw blvd to pick up my prize. I really don’t know what my prize is, and when I ask one of the staff that I’ll be claiming my prize, she asked for my ID, wait for about 10mins, and then she let me fit my prize for size checking and wait for another 20mins I guess for some business matter , signed the outslip form and tadaa! I already got my prize!

Here comes my prize, an animal print top with bow.  I can’t be happier when I saw this. Why? Because it’s an animal print top! Animal print! One of my favorite prints of all time! yay! Super happy me! thanks plains and prints and Ms. Liz Uy for the twitter game! 

 Look at the close up picture of the animal print! weeho! i so love it! :) super happy me! :)))))

it comes with a detachable bow, for a formal look if you want and you can remove it if you want to experiment another look with it. such a perfect christmas gift! :)) (sorry for the low quality of the picture :( )

 will just include this great finds I bought in Fashion Market at Market! Market! I couldn't help myself but buy that lace shorts once I saw it, but no regrets coz it made me happy :) and the new necklace! ohlala! from bangles of love store! :)

Belated Merry Christmas everyone! :)

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