Saturday, December 22, 2012


Life has really more things to offer. That’s why we never really get contented with the things we already have. We always look for something BIG, something that will fulfill our hearts desire. But come to think of it? Did you always get the happiness you want with just the things that come in good packages? Sometimes there’s still missing right? Sometimes we just want to be happy with just being with someone who’s special. These are the little things that we need more than the big things. Little things that will really make us happy even if we don’t have all the things those others have.

I always look on the brighter side of life because I don’t want myself to get used of being happy just because of the things I receive or buy. I want to be happy with the persons I love to be with. Now, I’m getting used to being happy because of the little things that someone did for me. I don’t know, but I always get the happiness I want when I’m with someone I want to be rather than having something I want to have for the sake of being happy. It’s the thought that counts with the little things that they gave us to make us happy.

Just like what I had with my sissy and brother last Friday. It’s so nice to have a quality time with them; especially because we don’t do it often. But it’s even happier if we’re with our moma and popa right? happy family! Ack! Lemme share you how our fridate was through pictures.

Before we start our fridate happiness we first drop by Shangri-la Plaza at Shaw Blvd. for some secret mission. There’s my sissy and bro sitting at the back. Will share what’s this thing all about soon, so stay tuned! 

This could be possibly my outfit shot. I already forgot to take a good shot because we’re so busy wandering around. Sorry! =)

White tank top: JAGTHUG , black cardigan: Ella's Find , blue trousers: SM GTW’S : Betty  ,flats: Jessica (SM dep’t store Makati) ,  belt: Genevieve gozum 

Went to Market! Market! To eat our late lunch on shakey’s. it’s pigged out time. While waiting my brother angelo was able to took a picture of our drinks, just the drinks. Because when our order came we already start to eat, and didn’t care about anything. HAHA :D Me and my brother ate a bunch of lunch (spag, garlic bread, chicken, 1pc pizza, rice) and my sissy ate super platter meal same with the bunch of lunch just with the addition of mushroom soup and Caesar salad (because she really hates eating) hehe :)

After eating, went to Market! Market! Fashion Market, So surprised with the boutiques I saw! So dame! Ohy gee! And so dame tao you know! So hard makipagsiksikan! Eew! haha (ok, enough with the conio thing, *hates*), it’s really so hard to choose what and which to buy especially when you’re out of budget! Boo!:( I really cried!ok.ok. I kidd! but I promise, I will go back there. such a lot of great finds. I only bought  a lacey shorts and one necklace. (kuripot? No, I don’t have enough budget! Huhu :( )

Then after shopping we went outside, walk through serendra and high street, pass by Starbucks and didn’t survive the temptation. Bought my all time fave, Choco chip! Haha still don’t want to try other frappe, but if you will treat me, I’m 101% willing to try. Lol!

1.       1. Me and my brother, Angelo in his favorite spot on high street, that green curve lines. 2. My choco chip frappe! Want some? :p 3. Me and Angelo again 4. My ate Ochelle and Angelo.

And it’s the end of our fridate night! With the quality time we spent together, that are the little things I treasure the most. It’s all about the time and bond we made that makes us happy.  It’s all in the little things!

I'm having a great christmas vacay! :)
How was yours? 

Happy Holidays!

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