Friday, November 9, 2012

The Adjustment Bureau

Have you ever wonder what God has planned for you? If there is someone looking after you, guarding every move you make? Like a guardian angel maybe. We all know that God has planned everything little thing that will happen in our lives, but did it ever come into your mind, "what if I want things to happen that doesn't include in God's plan? is it okay if I disobey him? what will happen?" Many thoughts will ruin your mind, especially when things you like to happen does not include in God's plan for your life. When there's a person who will approach you and will say everything that will happen if you will not obey what plans HE has for you.

When I watched the movie "The Adjustment Bureau". That's exactly what happened to the guy in the movie. I'm not in the mood to make a 'story-telling' here on my blog, even if it's an old movie (i guess). It's a MUST watch movie, promise! :)

And of course, I will not let this blog post pass without an outfit post. So let me share my take on a girly-edgy look. Sorry I don't really have time to take photos. That's why I just made this look via :) Hope you like it! 

I chose the white sheer top with a nice collar for a vintage-girly vibe, matching it with a leather shorts for the edgy touch of the outfit. Pair it with accessories that will also add up to the edgy but still girly, a black-gold bangle and silver spikes. A nude pumps, to keep in touch with the color and girly outfit, I also include a black-whit combo of oxford shoes that also matches the outfit, for a long walks when high heeled shoes is a big no no. 

Hope you like my take on it!
Promise to post an outfit photos soon! :)
Happy Friday everyone!

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