Saturday, November 10, 2012


Shop O' Jewels started last December 2011 by 2 Fashionable girls who opted to open an online store because they want to help their parents. 

It was hard for them at first but then, they got the hang of it. They started with rings, bangles, and necklaces
but just last month, they are now making handmade stuffs like the DREAM CATCHERS. 

They can make necklaces and earrings customized by your favorite colors. They also accept bulk and will be given to their customers/shoppers in a very low price compare to their original price plus! You also get to name the dream catcher necklace/earrings you customized. great right? :)

When it comes to their rings,bangles and necklaces they are also very unique! It's all affordable and they also give lots of freebies and BIG BIG discounts to customers who purchase :)  
VISIT their shop HERE.

I visited their shop and here are some of my top picks from their collection.

Since I love Accessories, especially necklaces and rings, I will not let this pass! Such lovely designs right? :) Their rings ranges from php50 to 90php and their necklaces ranges from php200 to php300. But don't worry, Remember! They give Discounts! So visit their shop now! :)

PS: I will be hosting a giveaway together with SHOP O' JEWELS! :) It will be my first ever GIVEAWAY! yay1 I'm so excited! So watch out for it! SOON! :)

But for now, visit their shop and look for fashionable finds in its affordable price.  
Happy weekend everyone! :)

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