Saturday, November 24, 2012


Yey! Got my Purchased accessory from Shop O' Jewels. I know that I should be posting this after my giveaway, but I just can't help but share it to you once I received the package in my doorstep a while ago. Yes, just a while ago and then I took a picture of it and tadaa! Now I am blogging about it. haha :D

First is the letter attached from the accessories. They are so sweet :"> I really love the necklaces and the ring. They are so Fab! No regrets of Purchasing from your shop, hope to collaborate with you again SHOP O' JEWELS :)

The Fabulous Necklaces! Ohmy! My heart just dropped when I saw this! Especially the bib necklace. Lovely right? :)

Ring a Wing! yay! love it!

and TADAA! the items for the giveaway! :) whoops! Just a small picture of it for this time. Yeah, I know I posted the items in my giveaway logo, but this are the real one. haha :p excited to know who the winner is. <3

Visit their shop and purchase from them. I'm sure you'll not regret it.
Will be posting/updating you guys if there are new items from their collection!
Happy saturday everyone! :) XX