Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Flawless Beauty Transformation

In celebration of its 11th Birthday, Flawless is inviting everyone to take advantage of their 1 +1 beauty blowout this National Flawless Month. "Happy National Flawless Month girls! :) ".

Girls like us love to always feel beautiful, all the whitening and the slimming sessions that is present in our world today, I know us girls want to try it all out, so when there are chances like this beauty transformation, why say no right?. If not now, when you will start to feel beautiful or if not, when you will give yourself a chance to experience a head to toe beauty transformation? and feel flawless all over again! :) Go to or visit clinic near you for more information on how you will be beautified by FLAWLESS.

          As a student, I used to travel a lot to go to school, experiencing the all day traffic comes with the dust and pollution, that's why I can never pass all those dirt outside which adds to the reason why I'm experiences a stressful-pimpled-face right now, yes I know it's not that worst but it really stresses me :( . 

           I know its part of growing up or it's in the hormones, but can I please pass that stage? :( I really don't like pimples, I don't have any when I was in high school, so I'm never used to having pimples like what I'm experiencing right now, it makes me lose my confidence sometimes but I know all  this pimple will be gone in time and now that Flawless offers their 1+1 beauty blowout, why not take a chance right? I visited their website and found out that there are some ways that will treat my pimple, like their Pimple Injection, the Intralesional Ance Injection which helps to flatten acne nodules or by quickly resolving inflamed cyst-like lesions. Having a pimpled-face right now (not so worst), it makes me want to try it and experience how to be trnsform by Flawless and experience a whiter and pimple-free Christamas! :)

There are many things Flawless can do to make us girls feel beautiful, and this is the time for me to experience a head to toe beauty transformation. No one will know it, but yourself, so come with Flawless as they celebrate their 11th Birthday and join their 1+1 Beauty Transformation Blowout now! :)

be FLAWLESS-ified! :)


  1. Been seeing this billboard everywhere!! Thanks for sharing what the hype is all about :)

    New follower!

    1. welcome :) yay! thanks for following miss sha! :) been following you too! <3 btw, you're such a beautiful preggy woman, congrats to you and your baby! :)