Friday, November 23, 2012


Making a perfect hair bun is really “in” today, especially now that Pinkbox has finally launched their new hair accessory, The Donut Bun, that will help you make a perfect hair bun. But I will not talk about their product here since I haven’t produced that hair accessory for myself right now (BOO! :( ), but as for my mind that really thinks a lot (in the time when I did the experiment  :p ) I thought of experimenting a little bit out of something to make a perfect hair bun. Great idea, right? :) So let me share you guys how my experiment went.

I found this fake hair pony tail (right side of the 1st pic) in our house, and came to an idea of that donut that is used to make a hair bun; they look the same for me. yay! :) And after trial and errors of making it, I finally did it! Tadaa! Cute right? :) 

Sorry,I forgot to take a picture of the step by step procedure on how I did it. ‘coz I’m too excited to see what will be the result. Jk! ‘coz I just did it alone, no one’s there to take a picture of it for me. But it’s just the same procedure you see online on how to make a hair bun, I just used different hair accessory.

 Yes, I know it was a bit messy, but please forgive me. It was because of the trial and error I did when I was taking a picture of it all by myself. Yes, as I said a while ago, I did this all by myself. (So, do you forgive me? do you? Do you?) tehee! :”>

Hope you liked it! Try it for yourself and share it with me. I will be sharing another hairspiration soon.

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Happy weekend everyone! :)

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