Thursday, October 25, 2012


Having a ate/cousin is so nice. haha especially when she's in the mood to give you something that you will really like and love. And I know you already know what I'm talking about (already obvious in my title). It's all about shoes. Few days ago, she asked what is the size of my feet, because she will look for flats that will fit to me (because the Nine West floral flats that she gave was too big for me :( ) but still, for a shoe lover that I was. I kept it. And knowing that she will give me again, I can't be happier. Who wouldn't want a new shoes if you're such a Shoe lover? right? teehee :">  Lemme show you my 4 options.

 option 1. I love the shimmery effect but I'm not in the mood to wear open toe shoes this time. (maarte) haha see those heels behind? ohmy! it made my heart jump a bit. haha Want it! lol
 option 2. A floral print! yay! this one goes to my final option, but I remembered the flats Ate May gave me is a floral print too. So maybe, choose other print. haha (maiba naman) But the one beside it, really caught my attention. The red one. hoo! One of my goal in collecting shoes is to have a red stilletoes too! :) (a girl must have)
 option 3. What can I say? Animal Print, eh? Jaw dropping. lol haha :D i guess you alredy know what is my decision. THIS! <3 I really fell in love with it once I saw this in my timeline with the other 3 options. eeh? :">  Plus! it's size 6 and a half! really good for my feet! Yay! excited to see and receive it on our doorstep :)
option4. another leopard print, but this one is in flats, And I rather have it i heels. That's why I still go for the 3rd option. 

Ins't it great? It's like, I'm doing an online shopping. lol (nangangarap lang)
hope there's an online store who'll stumble here in my blog and sponsor me or maybe do some collaborations with me :) (cross fingers)

Have a safe rainy days everyone! God bless!

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