Monday, October 22, 2012


How does it feel having things that you actually love? Well for me, I feel happy about it. Hello? favorite mo na , tatanggi ka pa ba? lol! Especially when it comes to shoes. I just don't love those high-heeled shoes, when I say shoes, ALL kinds of it. And a few weeks ago, I got a new floral flat shoes all the way from US sent by my ate/cousin. ang bait lang db? hehe :) and a leopard print shoes given to me yesterday by my mom, she's been keeping it for a week or so and it's real new, and take note its leopard print, another print that I love which my mom don't know. haha So happy that even if she don't know about all the things I like, she has very good instincts.

 I love how the Leopard print of this flats is in feather thing effect. And the ribbon, adds up to the girly side of me. Way too nice! :) from PARISIAN
The Floral Print! yay! lakas maka summer ng prints. haha but this is the sad part, it doesn't fit to my feet :( it's 7 and a half. american size. But it's okay, I'll just keep it. It's still a shoes and I love it. Another new in my collection :) Thanks to my ate May! :) NINE WEST

So, what things are you loving right now? Share it! :)

Had a great weekend! and Finally, I can somehow feel our semestral break :)
Have a nice weekday everyone!

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