Monday, October 15, 2012


Just like my routine here on my blog, here is another photo updates of what has been in the end of my september on what's new in my october. Somethings I just really want to share. Hope you guys enjoy reading and looking on the picture, This won't take long :)

1st. #ootd quality time with my siblings 2nd. That yummy cupcake from my nelays debut
3rd. Fish tail hair style by yours truly :) 4th. the birthday celebrator last 23rd of september

5th. time is ticking, reviewing for midterms -.- 6th. The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks,a birthday gift 
7th. #ootd when I went in Sta.Cruz 8th. Brain Damaging! Accounting Homeworks

9th. my preyty polka dots hair tie 10th. my pimpled face :(
11th. pink havianas baby girl 

13th. Tinkerbell Costume! cute right? made by my mom 14th. Package from US
15th. Coach wrislet and Nine west flat shoes 16th. Varsity Jacket from my Man :"> the sweetest!

17th. Cam whoring with my friend Kaye 18th. Hi! the pimp!
19th. My younger bro, camera shy! boo! 20th. SOON in my shoe collection :)

The spikes and the metal gold cap! what else can I say? it's just IT! a WOW! i want to have one. 
SOON ella :) 

So that's the part of my last weeks of September and the first weeks of October.
Hope you had a good Septemebr, and an amazing start of October :)
BER months it is! :)
Happy weekdays everyone! 

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