Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pink Box meet&greet with Enciso Sisters

I don't know what to say. I was just so happy that I got the chance to attend in an event like this where I can see the 2 of my favorite Fashion Bloggers. Vern and Verniece, It's like a dream come true :) I really want to see them since I became a follower of their blog and a fan of them too. and yesterday was the big chance! :) So, I made it a point to attend the event at SM southmall, all the way from laguna. (binyahe ko talaga. haha)

Let me share you my experience through pictures about the event :) But before going to the stars of the event, let me share you pictures I took before the event.

The Pink Box at SM Southmall
 The cute stand with the picture of the Enciso Sisters.
 the ceiling! isn't it cute? I will have the ceiling of my room designed something like that. lol! i just love it!
 Verniece's New Collection of Bows launch on the event.
Forgot to take a picture of Vern's collection :(
They are the one who design their own collection, Verniece's is mostly of Bows, while Vern is in something for a princess. Like of what people wore on the wedding of Prince William and Kate, like what Ms.Vern said, and pieces with touch of peacock feathers, because she loves peacock :)
 See how lovely their vanity mirror is? Really for a princess! like the Enciso Sisters :)
 Spot this cute pink drawer :) all I did was smile when I saw the cute furniture in the store.
 yummy treats for all the guests! cupcakes from cupcake lab  (from Ms.Liz)
and for the main event! The Enciso Sisters' arrival.
sorry for the low quality of my camera (guess i said this again and again) I just used my cellphone camera for this event,
 Ms. Liz, the host of the event, briefing the two beautiful ladies.
 Q&A portion
Vern introducing her collection in Pinkbox.
 Enciso sisters with Ms.Nelie, the founder of Pink Box
A styling Session with Vern and Verniece, and a team who will make the best style will win a sandals from ferreti :) I didn't had the chance to join because I already won on the first game. Team Vern won the game :)
Verniece Enciso. Isn't she lovely? :)
Of course, photo op with the two beautiful bloggers, Vern and Verniece. This is a yay for me! and a very memorable event ever! :) even if my hair is so fail, its okay. atleast may picture kame :P lol Yesterday was so AMAZING! 

As parrt of winning Verniece's contest. I received a loot bag with accessories :)
I won on the 2nd part of the game with the question. "what is Vern's favorite junk food?" and the answer is "clover" thanks to a friend (@aijeleth) who helped me! :)

what I wore to the event yesterday. I didn't dress up in all FASHION because I had to drop by in our school to get my grades. boohoo! haha But still, I wore something that will still look presentable and comfy at the same time! :)

thanks to my Mom for giving the flats to me. #animalprintlover

I had a day beyond AMAZING! :)
hope to see them again soon <3

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  1. hi ellaine! it's harmony :D nice seeing you at the event. I already followed your blog. hope you can visit mine too :D :)))