Friday, October 5, 2012


Since I can't wait to share this to you guys, I will be doing this quick post before I prep up for school. Our neighbor had a garage sale this afternoon, and I can't help myself but go and look for some things that might caught my eye's attention, and this bag, probably did. Luckily, I still have money, but I only bought this one 'coz my savings will all go for my shoes that I'll be buying (shoe lover here). There's still a lot left there, and I felt sad that I can't buy all of those cute different color of bags :( maybe next time. Here it is :)

lovely right? :)
hope to caught some SALE again this month.
SALE gives a lot of help, specially for a student like me who's saving a lot for that lovely shoes I want to buy. hihi :")

Godbless You all guys :)

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