Thursday, October 4, 2012


For a teenager like me, I often see different showbiz personalities or even non-showbiz wearing their best gowns in grand occasions that they are attending. As I saw their beautiful gowns, I used to think, "what if I'm the one who'll be attending that big party/occasion? what would I WEAR? and as I go over my imagination, I came to these gowns that somehow match with the gowns I would like to WEAR in different kinds of occasion, especially in those occasions that are very close to our hearts (I mean, every girls heart).


A black gown by Vera Wang, an American fashion designer based in New York City, Known for her wide range of haute couture bridesmaid gowns and wedding gown collection. Yes, this is actually a black bridesmaid inspired gown, but I actually find myself wearing it in a big night/occasion. The front and back details really caught my attention, and it is something I really want in gowns, the details. I also love how black colors, makes us look fabulous and stunning. 


          1st. The Red dress, I would probably wear a dress like this, especially to a party with my girlfriends, just with my girls, no boys allowed, because I know my man will not allow me to wear something like this, but when it's for girls party only, he'll surely approve it :) Yes, of course! who wouldn't want to look sexy and fabulous baby? We all want that! lol :) but seriously, this dress is one that's been listed in my must-have-notes that I really need to buy for myself, a red dress! I don't know, but as much as it looks simple, I really find it fashionably attractive. So, let the party start girls! haha :D
         2nd. The Black cocktail dress, I would probably wear in a debut, not in a prom of course, I'm done with that, and I did not enjoyed it. haha So, I guess there will be a lot more important occasion than a prom, as I said, most probably like in a debut of a friend or a birthday bash where in we have to wear our best dress, this is a two-thumbs-up for me. I like the tulle mini skirt that makes the dress made for a princess :) (I always think of being a princess) haha I also love the silver satin and its beadings. How wonderful, again, simple yet it's really eye-catching :) another girl must-have, and another dress that's listed on my must-have-notes, maybe I'll ask my mom to make one for me, and I'll be the one to sketch the design that I want :)

and the last one, the most important and sweetest part in every girls life.


As much as I want my wedding to be something unique, pertaining to the theme, I don't want to change the tradition of wearing a White Gown in my wedding. Whit for me is something special, aside from its neatness, It makes a woman look glamorous and a goddess. And this wedding gown, really touched my heart, because I want my wedding gown to be simply beautiful, and I don't wanna miss the long trail. I want a long trail for my gown. It could be a tube or not, as long as it will make me feel comfortable, its okay. The trail made in gauze actually look elegant on its own, it give more power to the gown to make the bride look like a goddess. The more that I see how simple it s, the more I fell inlove with it. I can imagine myself wearing a simple gown like that and at the same time feeling sexy, glamorous and goddess-like in it :) oh how I want to be a bride right now, as in right now! tehee! :'> soon ~

so, what did you like most? and what gowns or dress will you wear in the same kind of occasion? 
hope you enjoy! :)

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