Monday, October 15, 2012


The design of the label is from yours truly :)

Let me First introduce who is Prose, She is the BEST MOM! My mom obviously, she's a seamstress, mananahi to make it easy for me. lol! she's been in this business for almost 8 years I guess. I can't remember when did my mom start but I know, when I first enter my High school life, she's been making dress and everything, she actually made my school uniform :) She's the best, told yah! :)

COMBINATION, is the word for her. The word that best describes the craft that she loves doing  for years now. Combination because for her, its like a combination of everything and anything that involves in dress making. Like threads, needles, fabrics, and so many to mention. She actually thought of THREADS and NEEDLES, but I think, COMBINATION goes better than that. am I right? :) We will going to make this as her label in every dress, costumes, uniforms, etc. 

I feel like we have a big business and we're making an expansion. seriously! lol! because, when I'm making the design of the label, we're arguing of what design is the best, and its like we're in a board room, arguing for a big investment deal. haha :D although this is really business that we're talking, I just feel like it's somewhat big like other companies, well, maybe SOON :) 

We're planning to have an online shop, just don't know when, (actually, it's my own idea) haha I'm just planning for what things to sell, and the designs, I want to be in charge of it :) and mom will be the one who will make it. yes! but I need her approval for this plan before going with the details, because of her time, there are times that she have many things to make because of clientsssss lol! this is just a plan, and I think I will have a lot of time this coming semester, wish me luck ok? :)

here are some costumes, made by my mom :)
Greek God and Goddesses   

ehem! I'm the model here. yay or nay? I posted about this Green dress HERE.

I'm the one who made the bead work :) 
such an amateur fashion designer! jeez!

love the fire detail! My mom made it by herself! good job mom! :)

Hope you didn't get bored reading :)
will share more of my mom's combination soon!

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