Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Girl who Dances Her life in Fashion

“When I like something, I just don’t like it. I go totally fan-girl over it! J

As a believer that Fashion really runs in my blood, I really do love fashion and everything else about it. And one thing I love doing now is browsing fashion blogs for me to learn new things from different fashion bloggers. As I browse and search for different blogs, I found this one blog of a beautiful woman who really caught my attention, because of her style and everything about her when I read all about her in her blog that made my heart-for-fashion fell in love with it. That was the time I knew she was a dancer way back her college years and I guess she dances until now, and as I go fan-girl over her style, blog and everything, one thing came to my mind; this girl dances her life in fashion. I can see how she love what she's doing. From then on, when I knew her and get hooked up to her every time I read all her post, I really make sure I can make a time to really check her blog posts, even in facebook, I’m a fan of her page too! J and all her instagram photo updates there (I even collect her Instagram Outfit photo updates), I’m really updated about all the looks she is posting and the things she do aside from blogging J I’m a fan also of her lookbook, fashiolista, pinterest page and a follower on twitter J Totally fan- girl! <3

I’m doing this post because I’M A FAN! Yes, it’s obvious! Hehe J But aside from that, I’m doing this because I’m one of the many girls who are inspired by all the things that this woman is posting in her blog. 

I really can’t wait to tell you guys who this beautiful woman I am talking about, really! I just want to spill it from the very beginning, and I’m sorry for keeping you waiting lol. This beautiful woman I am talking about and who is inspiring me is none other than (drum rolls) Ms. Kryz Uy of THIRSTYTHOUGHT! taadaaaa!!!!! :”>

Beautiful right? J My fashion inspiration! <3

Let me share you my top 15 picks from her outfit post. This came from my collection of her instagram outfit photo updates (sorry for getting it, but I really am collecting her photos since I became her fan-girl. hihi)

Florals will always be in! J I’m definitely a fan of floral prints <3

I just want to imagine myself like her 2 or 3 years from now J like the way she inspire us, I also want to inspire other someday by my own style. But what I really want this time? To meet Ms. Kryz Uy. I’m crossing my fingers for this. Hoping that someday I'll meet her J

1. Looks like snow white is in the beach. You look pretty in White always Mz.Kryz!  White as your skin J Simple and beautiful!
2. Another fan of animal prints here J  
 3. And color BLUE!  (I think we really have many things in common in terms of taste and favorites. Hihi :’> ) PS: I have the same pants as yours Ms. Kryzzzie
4. Love your killer heels Ms. Kryzzzie. Your fifty shades! (Bet you too are a fan of Christian Grey. Lol)
5.You look like a teen ager in that look Ms. Kryz. Young and Happy J  (love the polka dotted top, and the shorts! FTW! )

 Please welcome Princess Kryz Uy!

You really look like a princess every time you wear a dress or a skirt. Making it simple yet elegant makes it more beautiful. 

I’m really nervous about making this post, because I personally emailed Ms.Kryz Uy about this because I want her to read this and I’m hoping she can.

“If given the chance and the time, if you will be able to read this Ms. Kryz, I just want to say thank you for inspiring me and all the other girls out there J for posting different outfit and telling some tutorials on how to do this and that. I really learned a lot from it. Sorry for this long post but that is all I really want to say (guess there’s still left in my thoughts. lol!). Keep on dancing your life in fashion and keep inspiring us with your style. Hope to see you someday J and be a model of WAGW. jk! Godbless! J “ – your loving Fan-girl Ella Mijares

teary eyed :') 


  1. Hope Kryz Uy replies to you, Ella! :) Nothing is more exciting than being replied to by one of your role models!

    The Misty Mom

  2. yes! you're right Ms.Shari :)
    and my fashion inspiration replied to me! :))
    sad her comment is not here but still I'm very happy :)