Monday, September 24, 2012


I know it should be WEEKLY UPDATE but as what I said before, I don't have time management, (maybe I should try practicing it now) promise! lol! but now, I'm just going to make it a photo update of all the things I did for the past weeks within this month. I guess that will be okay :) I can't manage to make it weekly, specially now, thesis, quizzes and finals are fast approaching. I can't manage doing all at once. Enough for the explanations, lego review the pictures of my everyday life for the past few weeks.

 1. school girl on a rainy day :) 
2. #ootd . blue polka dot loose blouse #jagthug, jeggings and flats for a whole thursdate with the sweetest gu on earth :"> i just really want ot say sorry for my baby blue flats, I really tortured it with all the walkings we did  that thursdate in araneta area, ayala mall, taft, and cavite :(
3. love my ESPRIT bag, always on the go  :) wasn't able to take more pictures of my whole thursdate trip, becuase my man is too shy infront of the camera :D
4. wait for a new outfit post :)

1. who's that man with me in the mirror? lol! He's the sweetest man on earth :"> thursdate <3
2. oops! My man, trying the black bonnet, I'm the photographer of the day :)

 camera whoring :D
I attended my friends debut last September 15, and here are some of the photos, when there's a camera, I pull my girlfriends and strike a pose :) sorry foe the haggard face, that picture was taken after the party, that's why :)
1. with my ever so loka-loka friend, Kaye 
2. with the debutante, Nelie
3. with my beautiful girlfriend, Zarah

 Girls just wanna have fun :)
Cute Cupcakes anyone? that's from the party. sweets everywhere!

1. had a two rounds of mc float with my man on our thursdate, one in ayala and the other one in alabang. such a pigged out day for us. #nogood #nodietallowed
2. my man's cute lil bro :) we visited them last thursday.
3. camwhoring again, this time with my lil bro ^^ look at his face, cute even if his making faces. haha

who's that girl? hehe
The Birthday Girl :)
Those pictures are the highlights of my september :)
what's yours?
happy monday everyone <3
keep on smiling :)

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