Friday, September 7, 2012

LookSoup "Spread the Good Style"

It never cross my mind, that someone will eventually stumble in my blog and offer me something nice which was actually related to my love, FASHION :) It was really a pleasure for me to feature this on my blog. I am just overwhelmed by the thought that someone notice my blog :') thanks to Ms. Eva Banaz, the fashion blog research coordinator of LookSoup.

I am just starting to use this site, but as of what Ms. Banaz told me, as for a blogger, it will benefit you and your blog, by following the site. All your uploaded photos and when someone collect your photo posted in looksoup includes direct linking in your blog, which will be beneficial for a starting fashion blogger like me, that anyone can visit my blog without noticing that they just actually did. Hoping! haha :D You too can actually try and se how it will benefit your blog by visiting and joining in LookSoup.

But aside from all of that benefits for fashion bloggers, lets go to the real and only one mission of LookSoup: TO SPREAD THE GOOD STYLE. This fashion community enables you to browse hundreds of different photos that you can like, share, collect and even tweet to your friends. It's really sharing and spreading the good style. Styles that yourself actually like, the fashion taste that you have may also inspire other, who knows? :) So come, and let's spread the good style! :)

 Experience ,explore and be surprised on how you will actually like all the photos related to fashion and everything else in between. Fashion lovers and Influencers? it is so easy to join :)

 Like, Collect, Tweet and share the photos that will catch your eye's attention.

Can also follow Looksoup's Activity.
Come join and see for yourself :)

photo credits: looksoup site


with <3, ella

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