Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dreaming like a Princess in Green

Ever wonder what it feels like to be a princess of your own castle? Haha well, I know it sounds so childish-fairy-tale-dream but I know you too dreamed to be a Princess when you were a child. Even now! lol! But really, I want to feel like a princess even just for a day, with my own big beautiful castle, servants, beautiful garden and anything and everything and of course, not to forget my Prince :"> And wearing simple dress like this makes me feel like it. hehe :) 

Enough for the fairy tale dream. This was just a simple green dress that was made by my mom, and she just actually ask me to wear it to see if the fitting is already okay and to take photos of it too. Well, she chose a good and right model :) It exactly fits to me like it was really made for me but its Not. haha Well, I actually ask my mom to make one for me but in color blue and a more beautiful one. lol! :) 

Just want to share one of my dreams. lol!
will share more pictures soon :)

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