Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I just want to share why I change my header and make it this ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY thing. Because, first and main goal why I did this blog to share to you guys what personality I have, being a student or an ordinary girl who really loves and lives in FASHION. For me, ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY means something "exceptional in appearance", "something unique in taste", "beyond regular". Just like "something special", and I describe myself like that. I'm anything but ordinary! I want to show and express my love for fashion in my own way, in my different style based on my personality, and in ways I want to try out more, just by being the unique ME.

And as a student like me, who always wear uniform in school, i can't manage to post everyday of different outfits (that's why my post are still can be counted with your fingers) HAHA because of I'm always wearing school uniform. So here is one of my favorite pair of outfit. Just took a picture of it via webcam because I don't have anyone to take a picture of me :(

It's just so nice to show who you really are. There's nothing comes greater than that! :)


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