Friday, September 7, 2012


What else can an ordinary college student like me enjoy in an august month? well, it's actually this Acquaintance party, where the main goal is to meet new friends in different year and courses, but that doesn't actually happen. haha :D This is an event where you can express your taste in fashion and dressed the best casual wear you can pull off. hmm I think I pull off the best yet simple casual wear in my closet. Just wanna share with you guys what I wore that night :)

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i really can't get the  hype button :(

what do you think? i really got the best yet simple look right? really want to achieve a Princess-y Vibe for this :) and i think I achieved want i want. I didn't wear heels that day because I know I will only torture my feet. 

 sleeveless sequined top: NAFNAF


flats: JESSICA (SM dep't store)
i recommend this flats, its very comfy. just saying! :)

and before I forgot, aside from being a fashion blogger, let me share to you also my ordinary-college-student-kind-of-girl. I want you to meet my friends who's been with me for years now, and still sharing happy moments together. AND who keeps on encouraging me to continue my fashion blogging. 

                  1st. Kaye (violet jacket) and Zarah (black shiny dress)
2nd. Patxx with his grand marshal uniform :D LOL

they are my friends :) by the way! Zarah and Patxx are participants of the fashion show held that night of our acquaintance :) and I actually attended that party just to support both of them. 

that's the second highlight of my august month :)

with <3, ella

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