Monday, September 24, 2012

A Decade and Nine

(sorry for the low quality of the camera :) )

Yes, it's now A Decade and Nine, I just turned 19 yesterday,( where's my gifts?) and it turned out to be a happy day. Well, I just don't want to feel sad, because obviously it's my day, besides, my man said that I should not feel like it, no bad vibes, and I'm glad no one ruined my day, and my man is actually the one who made my day, oh actually he's always the one. lol! :) 

I'm glad that another year was given to me by the great man above. Another year to live with my loved ones, another year to learn and deal with different challenges and people. Another year to make a step in reaching my goal, and pursue all my dreams, including this fashion blogging. Another year to take more shots of photographs of everything I'm doing in my journey to my dream. Another year of outfit post, hoping this time I will be able to post more. Another year to make and learn from my mistakes. Another year of a struggling ordinary college student. Another year to love and be love. Another year to show to all the people around me how I cherish them. Another year that will be added to my diary of a well live life. I will make sure that I will be able to live this another year that was given to me by "Kuya Jes" (that's how we call HIM on our church org) , a productive and happy year :)

A Happy Birthday to ME :)
thanks to all those people who made my septembER a month more beyond AMAZING :)

soon to be leaving my teen-age-years :')

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