Monday, August 6, 2012


Cold weather for 1week because of typhoon Gener, but still decided to take a time to play and dance with the rain. Even if the freakin’ cold is makin me shiver so much. It’s like you’re going back to the days where you were still a kid, who can just play with the rain, worry nothing, and just be happy. Isn’t it fun? I know you’ll agree with me J and I know we all experience taking a bath in the rain together with our playmates when we’re still young, well, we can still do it even if we’re not a kid anymore.

It’s not wrong to take some time to forget all the things that bothers you and just feel free to enjoy and live the life that God has given you. Life is too short to live the same day twice. Be happy and always feel that you’re blessed. Haha sorry for the pictures of my feet, I just love the Frosted Peach Platinum color of my nails J

What to wear during cold weather? Well, its printed pajamas for me J I just love how my printed pajamas make me still feel in fashion even in a cold weather. Well, you can always try anything new even if you’re just staying all day long in your house J

That flats really caught my attention. I just saw it in my mom’s room and seriously?  I didn’t take my eyes off of it and wear it. I love the fact that its color Blue! Geez! My Favorite! J Plus the cute butterflies on it. Isn’t it cute? Hehe :p  I wear it in our house from the moment I found it, until now. 

Sopas! Soup for a cold weather. One of my favorite and geez!  I just really have to share it with you guys J what soup did you ate to escape for a while from the cold feeling brought by typhoon Gener?

Here’s another part of my favorites, Mc Float and chicken burger, of course from MCDONALDS J and a Double Dutch blizzard from Dairy Queen.  I had a quality time with my man after my class. As much as I love to eat, it’s him who really really love to do it when we’re together. I can’t deny it, He’s really my “pigged out buddy”. Oops! I forgot to take a picture of him. haha next time :p

So how was your week? Hope you had a great one! J
 With <3, ella

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