Thursday, July 12, 2012


I really love fashion, I swear! I want to know every little bit about it. Like backgrounds, how to do this and that, how to pair it with this, how to pull this off, everything! I really want to know, I really make sure I have time to study and learn from it. And while searching for different resources about fashion and others things that has connection with it. I accidentally went to a page of Fashion Bloggers. And when I opened that page, I saw this Blog title "A SHOETALE" which is about a girl who shares and express her love for fashion. With all the things you want to know that has something to do with fashion, putting make-ups, dressing for different occasions, being a student and a blogger, She and her blog really caught my attention. A fashion blogger/international studies student, Miss Vernica Enciso :) 

I really adore Miss Vern, with every outfit she posts, from the happenings and shoots she encounters, being a sister to Verniece (who is also a fashion blogger) , on how she manages being a student and a blogger and everything she post in her blog really make me adore her more :) I'm sorry but I'm really a Fan :) <3

Here are some photos of Miss Vern's outfit posts in her blog A SHOETALE. My favorites! <3

Here are also photos of Verniece Enciso from her blog Verniece Enciso. My favorite also! :)
The princess-y vibe! :)


I will never ever get tired of checking their blogs :) check 'em out too! and I'm pretty sure you'll love it!

with <3, ella

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