Thursday, July 12, 2012


 Instagram Socialmatic Camera :)
 The Instagram Icon to a Real Camera :)

I don't have an iPhone but I know how Instagram App make people (who uses this App) happy :) I know how it really affects those who really love taking photos and adding an effect on it. With those pictures I saw taken by Instagram App, I know how classy and cool it was. And making that Instagram icon a REAL Camera? it's a big YAY for me :) specially for those who really love taking pictures <3 right?

This Instagram Socialmatic Camera is the work of designer Antonio De Rosa from ADR studio. It's concept is for the users to take pictures and print it directly like a polaroid. But for this time, it's just only a concept, maybe sooner or later it will became real as in REAL :)

For more info about this cute Socialmatic Camere, click HERE :)

with <3, ella

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