Thursday, July 5, 2012

10 tips

Since I was getting a hard time taking pictures of my look and like what I said on my other post that I'm not a kind of girl who always go out, I will just spend my time reading articles about fashion trends, tips, and other stuffs. Let me share you some articles I searched and read.

10 Fashion Tips You Need To Know (Cynthia Nellis)

1. Try a Timeless Approach to Fashion

When it comes to fashion, we all love a good trend. It's nice to have something fresh and exciting to spice up the wardrobe. But nothing beats timeless style. The allure of a perfect neckline or simple, elegant lines may not heat up the runway but they work really well in real life.
And, surprisingly, some of the things which flatter your figure the most may not be the trendiest. For example, while skinny jeans are hot, your best look might be a soft A-line skirt instead.

2. Rely on the Little Black Dress.

Whether you opt for a head-to-toe chic black look or decide to add a pop of color to your little black dress, know that the LBD is a look that will take you anywhere. Even newer ideas -- like wearing nude shoes or adding a leather jacket -- can help elevate your look.
If all you can afford in your closet is a little black dress, it's the one look that will take you just about anywhere and there are many ways to pull it off.

3. Don't Be a Fashion Victim.

How to tell if you are a fashion victim? If you wear too many trends at once or look like you are trying to hard, it crosses the line from having great personal style to becoming a fashion victim. Don't worry: there are ways to avoid this trap!

4. Wear Your Best Colors.

Gorgeous, flattering colors like violet, blue and pink can all make your skin, hair and eyes look amazing. Wear your best colors to really make your wardrobe pop.

5. Dress for Your Body Type

Are you bottom-heavy? Do you need to hide 5 extra pounds? All of us could use a little help looking our best in clothes. Find out how to dress around your body issues to look your hottest.

6. Find Your Signature Look.

True style is really learning to take a look and make it all your own. Whether you add a personal accessory -- like something vintage or ethnic -- or you wear a look that's all your own (maybe you like to mix in '80s pieces with modern or you like to wear colorblocked looks everyday) finding your signature style is one of the most rewarding things about really loving fashion.

7. Always Dress for the Occasion.

Did you get a party invite that says "cocktail attire?" Or maybe you've been invited to a black-tie affair. Regardless of what you've been invited to, the occasion will call for a certain outfit and most of us get intimidated when it comes time to pick out the right look.

8. Buy Clothes That Fit.

Is your long gown the right length? Does your sleeve hem hit you just right? Having a garment that fits is one of the best ways to perfect your look.

9. Dress Your Age.

While the rules of fashion have changed in regards to age limits (most anyone can wear anything these days!), some basics have prevailed. Pigtails and overalls, for starters, are too young for anyone over 40.

10. Pay Attention to the Details.

From the kind of handbag you carry to whether or not you add a scarf or hat, your total look is the sum of all the details you add to it.

That's it! 10 tips for you :) We don't have to be afraid on trying different styles for ourselves, just remember : make sure that your style will not look like you're trying to hard. Always wear the best clothes that fits you. Be fashionable and don't be shy on what or how you look like on the clothes you are wearing. If you find it beautiful, then stand out and be proud. We all have different taste in dressing ourselves, so don't mind what other people will say to you, just  the negative feedbacks not the positive one :p Start experimenting and start to love Fashion :) 

with <3, ella

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