Sunday, July 1, 2012

Me Share

Let me just share to you a part of me. I just wanna say something about this fashion blog I made or why I made this. I am a girl who loves fashion. I don't know when and where but I just learned to love it. When I was a kid, my mom told me that I used to over accessorize myself, I still remember that. A fashionista kiddo :p I also love experimenting hair styles for myself and to others. I used to experiment styles on the hair of my cousins, even on make-ups I am trying to learn on how to blend different make-up colors to different skin tones. I just want to learn every little thing of it. I remembered they told me that I should manage my own salon someday. Maybe I really had a heart for fashion. My mom is a dress maker, and I am learning a lot from her on how to make dress and different clothing types. I really love to learn, even in some little ways I know it will help me. I really love to take a course something about Fashion, but since we don't have enough budget, I didn't get the chance to take it. Maybe someday I will, and that's one of my dream :) That's why I'm trying to self study everything I want to learn about fashion. From making dress, styling, mix and match different kinds of outfit, color blocking, hair styling, make-ups, all of it! I would love to learn it all. I like trying different outfits, even if i only have few. I'm a pants and tops kind of girl. I am not used in wearing dresses and skirts, but now I'm learning and loving it. I'm excited to fill this blog with my different outfit post. But since I'm not the kind of girl that usually go out. I'm having a hard time on taking looks of me to post here. I also don't have someone who'll take a picture of every outfit I wear. If only I have a genie, I would wish to have my own photographer. haha :p We all have dreams and goals in life, and base on what i shared to you, that's one of my greatest dream I want to achieve in life. Hope you'll achieve yours too :) Next time I'll be sharing moooore. 

with <3, ella 

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