Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hi! Told you! I can update this "if time permits" me to do so, even if I'm already sleepy while typing this. lol I've been busy with my internship, I can't believe I'm already on the last stage of finishing school. In two months time I'll be finishing my internship amd then months after I'll be finally welcoming the unemployed club. haha But enough for the excitement, I've also been into this moment of my life, again!, which I'm really thankful when I'm in this kind of situation -- realising things in life.
I should have been working for a year now if only I graduated on time. I should be helping my sister and parents, I should be the one buying things for myself and not asking my mom to buy it for me. I should be the one working and let my parents rest from all the things she has given me for the past 21years, I should be the one, doing all kinds of responsibilities a graduted student should do. If only I graduated on time, but I didn't. There are many things in life I honestly regret when I knew back then that I am not graduating together with my real batch mates. I even feel so sorry about myself. So much feels, that even I, myself cannot even think of any solution how I can overcome it. (All this feels started when I became an IR student) And then it came to this point that I talked to Him. From then, realizations came in, and I knew that I should be thankful, that maybe He has better plans for me. Maybe if I graduted on time, I won't get a good job that suits my skills. Maybe I'm still not ready. Maybe.. Maybe.. But I'm not saying this just to excuse myself for not graduating on time, I'm saying this to myself because I learned a lot from it. That I know, I should only trust him with everything that has to happen and don't mind others saying, and making me or us feel that irregular students should be feel ashame of our academic status. 
Honestly speaking, I really did learn a lot from all my past experiences of being an Irregular student. Experiencing everything that a regular student won't. This is not only about not finishing school on time. This is all about our life lessons. Lessons that made me a stronger, braver and a wiser person. Lessons that won't be taught by our professors, but by experience. And I'm thankful for that.

Life is an everyday battle. So if you're reading this and if you feel that it's the end of the world when you didn't graduate on time, or you didn't finish a certain goal on your desired time, never ever feel down. Always remember, everything happens for a reason. Take it one at a time, learn from it, take it all in and I'm pretty sure, just what I experienced, it will help you get through on whatever life throws at you. *wink*
Round UV sunnies: ROMWE , shorts: Vanilla Breeze Clothing , flats: SM solemate

Hope you learn a thing or two. And I hope it inspire you the way it inspire me, too. :) And I hope you enjoyed reading and liked my outfit too. Haha 

Have a nice week ahead!
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Saturday, June 6, 2015


Hi! I can't believe this is my first visit to my blog again, after 2months? Haha. It's been a hell summer for me, since I had my last major thesis class. And I'm so glad, I'm already over it. Thank God! Last units left, and I'm off to welcome a new chapter of my life.
 Oh geez, how I missed sharing my personal thoughts in this blog. And to be honest, I really forgot I have a blog. Really not active at all, maybe after school, I just don't know yet. For the mean time, to feed for the lack of posts for the past 2 months. Here's an outfit post that was already posted on my IG account, if you're a follower, then you already saw this. Haha follow me! @itsellamijares
Top: Eve's chic c/o zalora , shorts: Freego DIY , sunnies and mandals: thrifted

Thankyou for all those who visited this blog, who keeps on checking for new post (I don't know if there is or none) but nevertheless, thanks! Because, the last time I check I only got 11k pageviews, but now I got 20k paeviews. How was that possible? I can't even believe it could happen! Thanks guys! 

Will try to update this blog every week, I don't know. I'm just using my phone to take pictures, and to make this post. I really do hope I can update this, if time permits.

Maybe, sooner or later, once I already made up my mind what else I'm going to do once I finish school. I'll be back for good. I really thought, 50% of my life will be for blogging, but until now, I still don't know. *cries* lol

Have a happy weekend ladies!
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ALIVE: Touch The Sky

ALIVE: Touch the Sky gives you the wildest and hottest party in the Metro! 
In partnership with Century City Mall, Event Center, Makati City, get lucky on Friday the 13th of March from 8:30 PM onwards. Let loose, dance on table tops, pop ‘til you drop to the beats of the top DJs in the industry; DJs Aryan Magat, Rammy Bitong, Tiongcy, Ron Poe and Lucio Pua with Mikko Abello on the mic, and hosted by DJ Lexy of RX 93.1. Unleash the teenage rebellion and party with us ‘til dawn! To give you a sneak peak of what we’ve got, your pre-party playlist is on us. http://tinyurl.com/aliveplaylist-part1 and http://tinyurl.com/aliveplaylist-part2

This hottest party on the metro is presented to you by Proximity Productions, as part of their 38th year of still being the professional organization for the Economics students of DLSU. 

Tickets are sold at 250Php for 5 or more tickets, 270Php for regular tickets and 300Php for door charge. So let's make this fleeting moment last forever, so tell me what you're waiting for. ‪#makemefeelALIVE

Promximity Productions invites you to be a part of EconOrg's yet another milestone! 
Let's party our heart out on March 13! yeah? :)

For more inquires,

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PS: Thank you Ms.Stephie Ignacio for trusting and making my blog to be part of EconOrg's 38th year. Sad that I can't come to be ALIVE on the 13th. But, I wish your Org's success on this wildest party! :)


Saturday, February 7, 2015


And an outfit post for the blog! Yay! I actually can't believe I'll be having an outfit post anytime soon. But I had the feeling that I have to post one, that's why I pushed myself to dress up to somewhat "blog worthy" outfit post but never being too prepared. Since this will be my very first outfit post for this year, I told myself that when I started posting outfit related post this year, I will make it a point that I will post , more of an outfit that is "so me", like what I really look, what I feel like wearing and how I really dressed up on a daily basis. For me also to be easily share of what I have in mind or some musings I want to share and express.  Just thought of making a good switch, but more of that switch, I'll tell you all about it later :)
I never saw this coming, I'm having a love affair with pairing a button down to maong shorts (or any kind of shorts/jeans) , just add a quirky bag that will get you through the day, a pair of good shoes and some accessories, and you're good to go! I guess I'll be experiencing more love affairs when it comes to my style this year. Anyhoo, I chose to wear my keds sneakers because I was supposed to be the accidental-photographer-of-the-day , but unfortunately it didn't push through, so might as well take an outfit shot (sayang naman ang porma db?) lol I love the comfort this outfit gave me that day, I really felt comfortable! I suggest this would be a great outfit if you're having a long day ahead with your friends, though mine started late afternoon, but I love the easy breezy my outfit gave me anyway! 
 clutch bag: ShopGeorgine, Sunnies: Forever21, Black sneakers: Keds
Have you ever experienced of making a decision to have a big switch? May it be a brand of perfume, a course to take in college, a habbit, life decision or anything. Have you? Well, I've had! I've made the biggest switch! To switch the brand of conditioner I'm using. Didn't you notice how my hair look effortlessly shinier? Well, not noticeable in the picture maybe, But believe me it was! 
I've made the biggest switch to Pantene 3 Minute Miracle conditioner! Yes, and guess what? It was really a miracle, I'm not joking. I've been using this conditioner for 5days straight already, and I noticed that it really made my hair more manageable, smoother, softer and shinier. Unlike the other brand I used, it will just last for a day, but this #Pantene3MM it lasts up to the next day. I was shock the first time I tried it, the next day when I woke up, I didn't really used a brush to fix my hair, it was still smooth that it was easier for me to fix it by just using my hands. I am not really fond of switching from brand to brand because I'm contented with my hair, but when I used the #Pantene3MM, I knew I have to switch right away! It has the highest level of advanced Terminal Amino-Silicones (TAS) that helps the hair's inner structure by protecting the moisture balance of hair. #Pantene3MM transforms brittle, rigid, and damaged hair to touchable, soft, and beautiful hair. It will really not disappoint. You should try and experience it for yourself. Who knows? You will be the next one to make the switch! We should all love and take good care of our hair with the #Pantene3MM conditioner. :)

Thanks to sampleroomPh for my #Pantene3MM sample!
You too can avail a sample from sampleroom if you want to try it before you buy. Just visit their page www.samperoom.ph , register, you'll be given points to redeem a sample then proceed to checkout. You just have to pay for the shipping fee, but believe me, it's worth it! :)

Hope you like my first outfit post and my switch. Tell me If you made the switch too, by leaving a comment below. All comments are highly appreciated! :)

Happy weekend everyone!