Thursday, November 19, 2015


Technology has its positive and negative effect on us. But with the fast innovation of our technology today, we cannot deny that we really can think of many positive effect it gave us, and still serving us well up until now. Without the help of today's innovative technology, some of our tasks will take lot of time to finish, and it make us feel that kind of discomfort. As a blogger, and a normal human being who grew up with the fast progress of technology, I can't deny, I love how fast the development has been, and with all the social networking apps that has been popping out of an intelligent developer's mind, I really can't think of how will I leave without my phone and it's necessary survival weapons. I'm an Instagram addict, I hate when my phone getting drained because of too much usage, and the negative things it causes me; like looking for a socket near me where I can charge and lay in bed at the same time . That's why I came up to making my Belkin's wishlist which I know will help me survive and live a worry-free life even if my phone ran out of battery charge. :)

My TOP 5 most wanted Belkin products

Belkin Micro USB cable with lightning connector adapter

This is like hitting two birds with one stone, imagine having a micro usb and lightning cable at the same time. I can use the micro usb and then let my friend borrow it for the lightning cable whenever I'm not using it. Plus, aside for it being handy, this will be perfect for my powerbank. This is my first time to see a usb cable like this, I really want one for myself.

Belkin Mixit Micro USB to USB cable 4ft

Since my USB cable is already broken for a month now, and I'm having a hard time to look for a quality USB cable that's why I just borrow my younger brother's charger. And it is hard for me and also to his side that we're sharing phone charger. I really can't live without a phone and of course the battery doesn't last long since I always use it, that's why having a reliable USB cable is really a good thing. I heard a good review that Belkin's product is a quality one, that's why I want to have this. Plus, it is 4ft long! OMG! I never have to worry sitting far from the socket. haha

Belkin 2.4A Universal Charger Kit

I chose this instead of the single charger adapter because who does want to have a hard time finding a socket that fits the only charger you have, right? And with all the different kind of sockets we have now, it is much wiser to buy and have a universal charger with different kinds of adapter. We don't have any hassle, and inconvenience. 

Belkin Family RockStar 4-port USB charger

To be honest, I've been looking for a port like this for a very long time. Like really, for the first time I saw it, I thought of many ways on how it can help me whenever I need to charge several gadgets all at the same time without occupying all the sockets in our house. I don't even have to look for my adapter if ever I forgot where I put it. Plus, with its 10ft length, it saves me to sit uncomfortably near the socket just to  use my phone when charging. Such a life saver! :)

Belkin QODE FstFit Keyboard Cover

As a blogger, I use to feel lazy to open a laptop just to type down my thoughts about anything, I often type it down on my phone or in our iPad. My younger brother also do all his homework on his iPad, and I can see how he's having a hard time holding his iPad while typing and then putting it down to do some write ups, then repeat. It is such a hassle, and time consuming. This keyboard cover will save a lot of time and will give such convenience. Good thing it's compatible with our iPad! :)

Do you want to start making your own belkin wishlist too? 
Visit and have fun making your own wishlist, as I had fun making mine! Believe me, seeing the products and choosing what to put in your wishlist will be so much fun! :)

*all photos are from lazadaBelkinproducts All edited GIFs and above photo are by yours truly. *

What do you think with my wishlist? Did I just pick the right products to use? Tell me what you have in mind by leaving a comment down below. Thanks! 

Happy Thursday everyone! :)


Saturday, November 7, 2015


Gift (n) - the act, right, or power of giving.

when I was a child... 

I used to look forward to special occasions where everyone usually receive gifts, specially on Christmas day. I remember trying to steal my ate's gifts because I want more for myself. haha I enjoyed the feeling of unwrapping gifts, having that feeling of excitement, a happiness that is so joyful to see in every eye of a kid. I feel so special whenever I receive a gift when I was a child, and every gift I used to receive back then was well taken care off,  yung tipong pag hinawakan ng iba maiinis at iiyak ako haha, just like what other children do. Children find happiness even in the littlest of things.

when I was a teenager... 
My friends told me that I'm an artistic person, I used to make scrapbooks and other stuffs from scratch. Then I thought, why use my talents to make personalized gift cards for my friends? From that day, I started to love making and giving my own personal cards, that comes with a little something that will remind them of me. I find personalized gift cards more sentimental than those of what we can buy on bookstores, because of the effort and love we exert on it. From then on, also started that I seem to not care over material gifts at some point anymore. and then,

when I was welcomed in the 20s club... 
And grew mature enough, with or without gift is oh so fine with me. I used to look forward to occasions, not for material gifts, but to see those people that are special to me, to give them of course my personalized gift cards. And also, for me to see them is one of the most important gift I'll ever receive. To be able to celebrate that special occasion is enough for me. Their presence is their present, as simple as that.

But what if we take gifting to the next level? 
What will be your Christmas wishlist for yourself? Gift ideas for your loved ones? And how do you plan to give back to others?

As a child, I never grew up having anything I want in just a snap, even until now. We need to work for it, we need to exert extra effort to prove that we deserve what we want. And since Christmas is the only time (aside from our own birthdays) where we can make a list of what we want. kahit na alam natin hindi natin makukuha lahat haha We still make one, because we find happiness while doing it. So let me share with you my not so long Christmas wish list.

For myself

1. fujifilm XA2 camera 
  i love taking pictures, videos and document every special moments.
2. Adidas superstar shoes 
  i just love shoes, simple as that.
3. A dinner/lunch in a buffet restaurant 
  because my family and I love to EAT! :)
4. Plane ticket to anywhere here in the philippines or outside the country  because i want to see the world and its different culture.
5. A nice and stable job
   because I will be graduating soon, and i want to giveback to my parents after years of hardwork for us. It's #paybacktime :D
6. A day out with my family 
   to have quality time together and hopefully to give what's in my wishlist for them.

For My Family

1. A relaxation package for my mama and a new phone  - she works at home as a seamstress and at the same time do almost all of the household choirs every single day, that's why i want to give her even just a day off from all of it. Browsing through facebook is the only thing she does when she's resting, that's why i want to give her a new phone. para maexperiece naman nya ang new generation ng cellphone ngayon. I want to give her something that will make her relaxation at home a lot more relax, easy and fun. para bagets! :)

2. A nice pair of bicycle sunglasses and shoes for my papa - he's a biker ever since he recover from a lung cancer. And I want him to continue to live a healthy lifestyle by giving him a nice pair of what he usually use. para long life! 

3. Baking equipment for my older sister - she really loves cooking and eating! And she really wants to try how to bake. She's been watching a lot of baking tutorials and I can't wait for her to try it for herself. It is her favorite hobby, at iba talaga yung saya niya kapag nakakapag luto siya and it is where she enjoys her free time. She deserves it, from all her handwork for our family.

4. OOTD from head to foot for my younger brother - as much as I love to dress up. My brother also learned to love dressing up too! buma-blogger pose pa! haha and I love how on point men's clothing are. I know how much my brother want to have a new set of outfit and shoes. He's been eyeing something on SM department store and I want to give it to him. Advance graduation gift na din para kay bunso.

As I list all those things I want to have for myself and for my family this Christmas. I remember being a kid again, where I will be the one who gets excited to receive a gift from my parents, titas, ninang and ninong. But something came into my mind, do all kids still experience it now? The feeling of getting excited for Christmas because of gift giving and celebration. naeexperience pa kaya ito ng lahat ng bata? Every time I see street children with no parents guiding them, it always make me think of "how blessed I am to be able to experience how it was to be a kid" and I wish they can experience it also instead of walking under the heat of the sun, barefoot, looking for food to eat, and with no clean clothes, But they still manage to smile despite of their situation. They don't even experience going to school anymore :( sobrang hilig ko sa bata at panagarap ko talaga na magawa to sa kanila. 

I'm planning to give back to others
by making those kids experience how it is to be a kid even just for a day. hanggang ngayon kasama to sa bucket list ko. I want to organize a mini children's party in a certain area where there will be foods, games, and a little giveaway; like toys and used but still good clothes for them to wear and bring home to their family. Just a day for them to experience how it is to a kid, without worrying where and how to get a food for the day and where they can rest. I just want to see them happy. 

kakaibang saya yung makakita ng batang nakangiti nang dahil sa isang maliit na bagay na nagawa mo sa kanila. Sobrang nakakagaan ng pakiramdam. 

I also dream and planning to help in any charitable institution where I can help children in need. lagi kong iniisip, kung mayaman lang sana ako natulungan ko na sila. Yes, a big amount of money can help a lot, but I know that's not the only way I can help. It's not all about the money, if I really want to help, kahit na sa pinaka maliit na bagay makakatulong tayo.

That's why I want to start in the simplest way I know how. And in any other way I can, if I know I can help, I'll do it for sure. We don't need to brag to let other people know we're helping others. Just the satisfying feeling that we helped and we made them happy, is enough.

I shared a part of my dream to give inspiration, for us to start our own way of helping and give back the abundant blessings that we receive to others who are in dire need of our help. 

Gift giving is showing the power of what love can do, more than anything else in this world. 

Let's all share the spirit of Chritmas and take gifting to the next level! 
#MerrySMChristmas2015 :)

*photos from the first and last part are all from google*

There's also a way we can take gifting to the next level, check out this one, the SM Cares Bears of Joy campaign we can take part in it for this season of gift-ing.
 “For more updates about this year’s “Merry SM Christmas” campaign, visit SM’s official Christmas microsite ( and follow its official social media accounts at Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram (; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber ( Shoppers can actively share their holiday merriments inside the SM Supermalls by posting their photos on social media and adding the hashtag #MerrySMChristmas2015.”


Saturday, October 31, 2015


Whenever I hear the word "best friend" , I always think of having someone who will always be there for me. Not just in good times, but also and most specially on bad times. I am the kind of person who really get too attached to someone close to me. I value friendship so much. Since the day I learned how to know if a friend is being true to me, that is the day I also started to make myself get used to not having so many close friends. I have a lots of friends, but I can only count on my fingers who my close friends are, other are just mere acquanitances. Up until now, I love keeping my circle small.

Then one day I met someone who I never thought I'll befriend with. You look like someone I can say, "you're one of my friend but not a close friend" lol. Not until I get to know you, and vice versa. I am the kind of person who says a lot of things to someone when I'm comfortable with him/her. Like I don't mind if I'm saying something too personal or what, but that's how I am. And I know when the days went by that I  started to feel comfortable whenever I talked to you (which I never expected), is the day I will feel being attach to someone again. Until our friendship got closer and closer.

For some magical reasons, maybe some love potion did the trick (lol) my superfriend became my boyfriend. And the rest was history! Jk! But kidding aside, I really can't believe that the one I just used to call my SF became my BF, as in "boyfriend". Like holy moly?! Really?! You were just my highschool crush before because you were too good at dancing. But I never ever did regret anything that had happen since day one.

You were that one person I can talk to anything out of the random-est thing in life yet I still feel comfortable and never did I feel bored when you're around. I always enjoy being with you, I guess you being my boyfriend is just a bonus, because you are more of a partner to me, a bestfriend, best partner in life I can say. I am always on my happiest state when I'm with you.

I cannot put into details on how much things turned out in my life with you in it. But I can say you made a big impact on me. I guess my messages (whenever I greet you on our monthsaries and anniversaries) do it justice. I know I will get too emotional when I write  this part of this letter/post I am writing for you, but heck i want to let this all out rn! Right at this very moment when I can still be able to compose my thoughts. 

I can describe you in so many ways. I remember giving you 50 reasons why I love to be with you and 50 reasons why I love you on your 24th birthday, then told yoi that's not enough. The list goes on and on everytime I spend a day with you, and every lovely day i wish it would not end.

 I always love the way you treat me like I am one of the most precious thing you own, your princes as you may say that became your Queen after how many years (kilig!). I told you that I'm not into material things, and I love how you showed me your ways on how you can prove your love to me. People won't belive this if they don't know you too well, even I myself won't, if I just look you in the face. But boy, you were oh so sweet! I always look forward to the day when i get to see you and spend the day with you. Watching you cook for me, even feed me when i feel like being a baby (like what you always treat me) , open the door for me, give me flowers that you just picked from the neighbor, buy something for me when i'm too lazy to get my ass off the bed, brush my hair, get me water whenever I ask for it, hold the phone whenever we're watching moviesss (coz I'm lazy af), carry my bag, cover me with blanket whenever I fell asleep, the unexpected hug from behind, walking with me in the wee hours of night even if you don't like to, cracking the corniest joke whenever I had a bad day, even bought sanitary napkin for me without complaining (not all boyfriends do this thing hahaha) and the list goes on and on. It's the little things you did for me that really matter. 

I've known you for 7years, and 5years of it was the days I learned how to love and felt to be loved unconditionally.  5years of growing with you as a person and as a lover who I never thought I can be. 5years of sharing you my life as your bestfriend, enemy (sometimes) , best girlfriend ( i claim it! Lol) life adviser, number1 supporter, your forever #1 basketball fan, pig-out buddy, movie night partner, kalokohan buddy, and many more. Thankyou for keeping all your promises, not the best one (because you left me too soon), but thankyou for the unconditonal love you gave me all throughout our relationship.

I used to believe that everything happens for a reason, but when God took you away from me,  from my system, from my life, I know I am on the top of the list asking why it happened to me? Why you? Why take away someone's life that has done nothing but do good to others? A lot of questions kept popping on my mind until now. Almost all of the comforting words I got was " everything happens for a reason, maybe you can't understand now but eventually you will" . I may not understand what he's doing now but i know I am starting to let his will be done. Maybe I am still afraid and I'm holding back to see what the reasons are behind all this, but I know and I feel that I am on the process of slowly learning and seeing the reasons why. And as I keep on talking to you everynight, I wish that you give me strength to carry on, because you were the one who taught me how to be strong at the toughest time of life. 

Thankyou for loving me last, for loving me until your last breathe. You will always have a special place in my heart. I love you always, all ways my A, my bestest friend, my angel.

- E

Finally had the guts to compose myself to put together all this never ending thoughts . I know I'm not the only person in the world who experienced or is experiencing this stage in our life. I hope you can get through this pain, it is really not easy, never was, and no one can help you but yourself (note to self also). Hoping that one day we can fully understand why. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


How can you relate the word "camouflage" to life? My friend, Patrick, said "blending in and keeping in trend". There are a lot of things came into my mind when I thought of drafting a post for this, and I did not even finish it because I can't focus to only one idea. 

The first thing that came into my mind is the word "hide". We all know that soldiers wear camouflage printed clothes so they can easily hide from their enemies, because they easily "blend in" to the color of the forest. Compare it to life, camouflage is like hiding your feelings, or your real you, especially in our world today where we want "in". When we're trying too hard to blend in a world that we're not born to fit in. And at the end of it, when you fail to blend in, you'll end up losing it all. Some use it so that they can easily adopt to the changes that is happening around them. It can really be helpful and harmful at the same time. Why try to blend in, when you can have a world where you need not to hide your true self, and just be who you no matter what the consequences are.
This shirt I'm wearing is very important to me because it's from my A, my boyfriend who died 3months ago. One of the main reason why I am so uninspired to blog. I actually have 5 unfinished drafts until now, because I easily get lazy when I try to write down everything I want to share. Some won't be posted coz it's too personal, and it might get me too emotional. :)
When I was in my elem and highschool years, I used to hate camou print. I used to call it "baduy" and thought of "what can i even pair to that print?". I know I'm not the only one, right? Haha But as the fashion trend changes, so as mine, I eventually learned to love the print, specialky the color. I'm currently thinking of changing and fill in my wardrobe with just dark shades of color, and one of it was the camouflage color. It is really so wasy to match with any other dark colored outfit. I might as well try to match it with bright outfit soon. Lol
Since I'm thinking of decluttering my wardrobe, and you might want to do the same. I tried to look online on where I can buy camouflage outfits to suit my personal style. And the first thing I visited is my ZALORA app, since I already have it on my phone.Get into this comeback trend with ZALORA's selection of camouflage fashion.They have a variety of styles to choose from. I'm also fund of looking on pinterest and tumblr for camou outfit ideas.
Camou shirt : boardwalk, White sneaks : ZALORA basics , sunnies : forever21 , watch: anne klein

Hope you enjoyed my new update!
Have a nice day everyone! :)

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