Saturday, February 7, 2015


And an outfit post for the blog! Yay! I actually can't believe I'll be having an outfit post anytime soon. But I had the feeling that I have to post one, that's why I pushed myself to dress up to somewhat "blog worthy" outfit post but never being too prepared. Since this will be my very first outfit post for this year, I told myself that when I started posting outfit related post this year, I will make it a point that I will post , more of an outfit that is "so me", like what I really look, what I feel like wearing and how I really dressed up on a daily basis. For me also to be easily share of what I have in mind or some musings I want to share and express.  Just thought of making a good switch, but more of that switch, I'll tell you all about it later :)
I never saw this coming, I'm having a love affair with pairing a button down to maong shorts (or any kind of shorts/jeans) , just add a quirky bag that will get you through the day, a pair of good shoes and some accessories, and you're good to go! I guess I'll be experiencing more love affairs when it comes to my style this year. Anyhoo, I chose to wear my keds sneakers because I was supposed to be the accidental-photographer-of-the-day , but unfortunately it didn't push through, so might as well take an outfit shot (sayang naman ang porma db?) lol I love the comfort this outfit gave me that day, I really felt comfortable! I suggest this would be a great outfit if you're having a long day ahead with your friends, though mine started late afternoon, but I love the easy breezy my outfit gave me anyway! 
 clutch bag: ShopGeorgine, Sunnies: Forever21, Black sneakers: Keds
Have you ever experienced of making a decision to have a big switch? May it be a brand of perfume, a course to take in college, a habbit, life decision or anything. Have you? Well, I've had! I've made the biggest switch! To switch the brand of conditioner I'm using. Didn't you notice how my hair look effortlessly shinier? Well, not noticeable in the picture maybe, But believe me it was! 
I've made the biggest switch to Pantene 3 Minute Miracle conditioner! Yes, and guess what? It was really a miracle, I'm not joking. I've been using this conditioner for 5days straight already, and I noticed that it really made my hair more manageable, smoother, softer and shinier. Unlike the other brand I used, it will just last for a day, but this #Pantene3MM it lasts up to the next day. I was shock the first time I tried it, the next day when I woke up, I didn't really used a brush to fix my hair, it was still smooth that it was easier for me to fix it by just using my hands. I am not really fond of switching from brand to brand because I'm contented with my hair, but when I used the #Pantene3MM, I knew I have to switch right away! It has the highest level of advanced Terminal Amino-Silicones (TAS) that helps the hair's inner structure by protecting the moisture balance of hair. #Pantene3MM transforms brittle, rigid, and damaged hair to touchable, soft, and beautiful hair. It will really not disappoint. You should try and experience it for yourself. Who knows? You will be the next one to make the switch! We should all love and take good care of our hair with the #Pantene3MM conditioner. :)

Thanks to sampleroomPh for my #Pantene3MM sample!
You too can avail a sample from sampleroom if you want to try it before you buy. Just visit their page , register, you'll be given points to redeem a sample then proceed to checkout. You just have to pay for the shipping fee, but believe me, it's worth it! :)

Hope you like my first outfit post and my switch. Tell me If you made the switch too, by leaving a comment below. All comments are highly appreciated! :)

Happy weekend everyone!


Friday, February 6, 2015


Cheers to my first DIY project post! 
I know ripped jeans is becoming a new style staple now, that's why I thought of making a simple tutorial on how I made my old freego jeans into a new ripped one. Honestly, I'm planning to ripped all my old jeans. haha I have this feeling of sooner or later I'll be obsessed in wearing ripped jeans until all my jeans will  just all be ripped jeans! I'm totally loving it right now, and surely will be loving it forever! It's just so easy to pair with anything. Well, we can never go wrong with jeans! right?

So, I hope you'll enjoy making your old jeans a new ripped ones and somehow find my mini tutorial useful. Comment below so I'll know what you think of this first tutorial, and maybe suggest also on what tutorial you want me to post next?! :)

Thanks for dropping by! :)

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Off we go to our next adventure...Eden Park! After having lunch at Penong's, we went straight here. It's like Davao's own Baguio. Though it's not really friggin' cold, but the weather is good when we arrived. Sun's shining brightly, all is set to have fun fun fun. We just end up a little bit sweaty 'coz of all the long walks up hill and down hill, but it's all worth it. Where's the fun when you'll not going to experience everything right? Unfortunately, not everything. Every corner is picturesque! I just only chose the pictures that really got me into that separation anxiety after scanning all the pictures i have. Hope you enjoy! :)
But first, let us take a selfie! :p haha Meet Lois and Kuya Aa :) using fisheye lense from romwe.
Still on a high with this sea of flowers! 
All the sweat and longs walks paid off when we reach this rainbow place.
  We just can't contain our happiness when we're together! :) ughh!! Sepanx it is! :(
Eden park has it's recreational activities too, like the one in the picture. Unfortunately, we didn't get the chance to try the zip line, cable bicycle, rappelling, etc. because of their cut off, they've reached their maximum pax for those adventures before the cut off time, so when you plan to visit here, better register early. :)
It's really true that when you're in an adventure with the people you love to be with, you just chose to savor that moment that you forget the things you need to do, like taking so much pictures of the place. haha You have to experience it for yourself! I've never been into a great separation anxiety until I had this Christmas vacation with my mom's side of the family, and I love the feeling of from time to time when I remember this, sepanx kicks in, and it feels sad and happy at the same time. All good things must come an end, so make the best out of it when you still have the chance.  :) 
What a great way to cap off the entire day trip with this breathtaking view. So much feels! This was in Jack's Rigde, such beautiful place. Perfect for those who wants to have senti moments or for those couples who want to have romantic dates! There's a number of restaurants to choose from. A go-to place! 
I just love the view! This is the only picture I had with the food, just not half of what we ate. Didn't got the chance to take a picture tho, because we're all hungry. haha :p
Top and Shorts: Penshoppe, Sunnies and Cardigan: Forever21, Bag: ShopGeorgine, White Shoes: Zalora, Watch: Anne Klein

Hope you enjoy my davao travel diary. I know this won't be the last. More more adventures for this year! :)
 Thanks for dropping by! Have a happy day, everyone!


Saturday, January 24, 2015


Happy New Year, from the sunny city of Davao! lol Still can't get over how awesome my davao trip was. This has got to be the most intense separation anxiety i experienced! But yeah, I'm already back to normal grind so enough for the drama, (just crossing my fingers to hopefully be back soon). So many back logs, so let me start my 2015 post with one of few trips (not an outfit post tho :( ) I made while I'm in Davao with my family. Let's make the pictures do the talking, with a little caption from here and there :)
It's a bird! it's a plane! No, it's a burmese albino phyton! Oh boy! didn't expect I'll be able to cross out one of my bucket list in Davao. Hoo! really had a hard time holding it, didn't dare myself to post the most awkward photo I have. haha And sad to say the right photo was the only ootd photo I have. So much excitement and happiness, that's why! :)
Philippine Eagle Center has it's way of maintaining the center and all the animals in good condition , that's why they let tourists to donate to them, and for every 300pesos, they'll have their names written all over the pathways of the center, I swear, there's a lot! At first I thought it was just a name of a bird, because I saw one with an RIP, until Kuya Europe (the one who feed the eagles and accidentally became our tourist guide) told us the story behind it.
Selfie with Scout Binay! He's an amazing eagle, we're all fond of him, Kuya Europe didn't have a hard time taking this picture, he's well trained. Wondering why he was named after VP Binay?. Well, it's because Scout Binay was adopted by the VP. There came a time, 3 years ago (I guess) they needed to close the center because they are losing funds to keep the center operational, that's why they look for people who will adopt their eagles,and they'll name it after them, by just donating to keep the center open for the tourist and for all the animals to be well taken care of. I felt a sudden happiness, because this place is such a beauty to close, right? And they have amazing and well trained birds! wild monkeys! and shy wild pigs! haha Really had a great time listening to Kuya Europe's kwento.
I forgot his name, but he's a selfie-ready bird too. Look at that shot! Sad to see that he has a broken wing :( he was shot, back when he was out in the wild by some bad stranger. 
Spot the famous philippine eagle, Pagasa! He was the first ever captive-bred raptor. 
And I'm craving for Penong's grilled chicken :( I swear, their chicken was the tastiest chicken I ever ate. I was shocked, because I thought it was just an ordinary grilled chicken, but boy t'was tasty and juicy! (pwede na bang endorser? lol) We had our lunch here after our PEC tour.
You can experience and see what beauty and knowledge Philippine Eagle has to offer by paying only 100php each. 
So delightful to see the sun shining everyday. Hope you guys enjoy my first travel post for this month! Here's to more travel adventures this 2015! :)

All photos are taken using my SONY Xperia Z3 compact :)